This New York Rangers Fan Cares Not That You’re Watching Him Pee In Councourse

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I can’t decide who is worse – the unfortunate individual in the Ryan Callahan jersey peeing all over the concourse, or the woman in the rangers pajamas and the man in the hunting outfit taking pictures of him doing it and then downloading it onto their computers.If this was Buffalo, this woman would be getting a refill. One thing that is for sure, is that this poor guy made some poor life decisions at the Yankee Stadium game. This cameraman has captured the essence of the moment when the guy realized he’s about to become aware that his life just changed forever. He will always be that guy – the one who not only didn’t want to wait in the bathroom line, but chose not to pee in the corner. At least then he’d be the only one getting the splash back. So yea, I feel really bad for this guy. Now he’s just another guy in Yankee Stadium with dirty piss.


What the fuck is your problem?

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