Planet Fitness Ruins America By Catering To Fat People, Kicking Out Woman For Being Too Fit


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So I go to Planet Fitness for two basic reasons: 1) It’s easy to get to, and 2) It’s ten bucks a month. But I’ve had my problems with them that I’ve kept to myself. Until now, when I ready this lady’s story:

A woman says she was told her “toned body” was too “intimidating” for other gym members to handle, but the gym in question contends that’s not exactly true.

Tiffany Austin told KTVU that she was working out at a Planet Fitness Gym in Richmond, Calif. on Monday when an employee approached her.

According to Austin, the staff member told her “excuse me we’ve had some complaints you’re intimidating people with your toned body. So can you put on a shirt?”

Austin agreed, but as the first staff member went to go get her a free shirt, another staff member again told her that her body was too fit to be shown. It was at that point that Austin said she asked for a refund for her gym membership and bolted.

But Planet Fitness says the issue was not with Austin’s body, but with her outfit, which can be seen in the video above.

“At Planet Fitness, we are committed to providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for all of our members,” Planet Fitness spokesperson McCall Gosselin wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. “As such, Planet Fitness clubs have a dress code policy that is enforced at the staff’s discretion.”

The statement continued, “In this particular instance, club staff received complaints from several members about Ms. Austin’s attire. As a result, a staff member informed her of the dress code policy and also offered to provide her with a free t-shirt to complete her workout. Planet Fitness’ dress code policy is based solely on attire and not physique, as members of all shapes and sizes are welcome in our clubs.”


Alright first of all, I guess we’ll just have to take this woman’s word for it. The fact that Planet Fitness isn’t denying this is all the proof I need. They’ve had a few days to call this woman a liar and it simply hasn’t happened. Therefore we’re operating under the assumption that she’s telling the truth.

Look, Planet Fitness is just a giant scam. It took me a while, but I finally figured out what they’re doing. They push memberships faster than Walter White pushed meth. They have no cutoff whatsoever in the amount of memberships they sell. They just keep selling them, assuming the fat people they cater to will come a couple times for the free pizza and then never show their face again.

The result is that during peak season (New Year’s and the first sunny day), the place is jam packed and you have to wait 20 minutes for a treadmill to open up, while you watch fat people walking on treadmills, literally wasting their time. An hour of walking on a treadmill (which of course they don’t do) burns what, 200 calories? You literally burn more calories shoving Planet Fitness tootsie rolls down your gullet and then dump them out.


Planet Fitness has come up with a fool proof business plan – try to sell as many cheap memberships as you can to fat people who will never return. They do this by convincing these rotund Americans that they don’t have to fear evil, in-shape people while they walk on the treadmills. Of course these people are in the shapes they’re in because the idea of exercise frightens them. Thus they are assured with the slogan “No Gymtimidation. No Lunks,” that no actual exercise will be taking place there.

So yea, this woman obviously doesn’t fit the Planet Fitness model. She’s too in shape. If other fat people saw her exercising, they might look at her and be motivated to work harder. Then they’d keep coming and that would be problematic for Planet Fitness. Instead they’ve catered to morbidly obese individuals, who seemingly are “intimidated” by people who choose to live a healthy lifestyle. Basically their feelings are hurt by looking at people who work out a lot. And in America, you can never, ever have your feelings hurt. Ever. If you do ever feel an irrational sense of envy that lead to having your feelings hurt, instead of working harder you simply just tell on them and get them kicked out. ‘Merica.


It really is a genius business plan. Sweating and grunting are byproducts of working hard. When someone is curling 80 pound barbells and pushing themselves to the limit, they should drop them in the end. It means they’ve exerted themselves to the fullest and can no longer hold onto the weights. Instead, Planet Fitness wants their patrons to choose a lighter weight, that will result in limited effort, and sustained fatness. That way no one will have their feelings hurt.

In regards to this poor lady, the outfit she was wearing is something that people wear who are actually trying to work out. She was probably planning on sweating a lot, and it’s a lot more comfortable wearing a shirt that lets you breathe.

But as usual in America, fat people are in charge. Because being fat isn’t your fault, and if we said that, it could hurt your feelings. Instead we’ll just keep telling you that you have slow metabolism, and that people who are in shape are “lunks.” We’ll keep making it easier for fatties to get through life. Don’t wanna walk to the ice cream bin at Walmart? No problem, here’s a mobile cart.


Look, I get what Planet Fitness is trying to do, but they’re just going about it all wrong. I too can’t stand the nudniks who bring the gallons of water and a note pad to record their reps on with them to the gym. But do they really think banning these things is gonna solve anything? What, meatheads can’t drink out of Poland Springs water bottles? Every time I hear that siren go off when someone drops a weight, and then see the Planet Fitness employee walk over with a disapproving look I just wanna give said employee a mega-wedgie and tell them that they’re not that important.

99% of my encounters with meatheads at the gym are positive. They know what they’re doing, and can spot you if you need help. The people that work there though? All they do is ask you for your number when you come in, then they pretend to type it in as if they have some sort of database that tracks how often you’re coming.

Nice try Planet Fitness. I’ll still keep coming because you’re the best deal in town, but I just wanted to let you know you’re not fooling TurtleBoy.

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6 thoughts on “Planet Fitness Ruins America By Catering To Fat People, Kicking Out Woman For Being Too Fit

  1. I want to be a lunk! I’m a fatty who braved the intimidation of a real gym and am coming out much better for it.
    So far (9/16/14) I’m down 150 pounds. I am literally working my butt off to be a lunk, and every lunk at my gym is cheering me on. They all know me now. There is not a Planet Fitness close to me yet, but when they come I hope I can be true lunk status so I can go try to get kicked out.


  2. This is absolutely true, Planet Fitness has hit on a marketing scam. Sell tons of memberships to inexperienced and unmotivated folks who are less likely to frequent the place. Offer up the minimum in crappy machines and do no maintenance or house cleaning, and keep the air conditioner off. When someone complains, as in mentioning a machine has had an “out of order”
    sign on it for a month, or it’s 85 degrees, Planet Fitness kicks them out. They figure if you’re noticing the broken down machines, or the lack of A/C, you’re actually ATTENDING…something
    they don’t want…so good bye. Actually it’s a pretty clever scam.


  3. Upon reading this ignorant article I really feel bad for the writer if that is what they think of obese ppl going to work out YES that’s what offends me. Wow some skinny chick got kicked out because she wasn’t following the dress code, isn’t that her problem?! You’re making seem like its the fault of the big ppl that go there to get themselves healthy. I wish y’all would make up your minds do you want to look at our fat asses or NOT?!


    • I don’t mind fat people as long as they don’t hate on skinny people. Plant fitness is a gym that’s designed to keep you fat. Why do you think they’re feeding you pizza and telling you not to work too hard? Because that makes fat people happy


    • Kola if you just Google this issue you will see that this is not an isolated case and many people have been kicked out of Planet Fitness for being too fit. Peace.


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