18 thoughts on “Is Feminazi Melody Hensley The Worst Person On Earth For Claiming To Have PTSD From Twitter Cyberbullying?

  1. I have been publicly shamed in front of 10,000+ for opening my big mouth and saying stupid things at the wrong time . I would say that this lady needs to get over it but then I thought to myself that maybe she’s just doing this for attention.


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  3. Child abuse, rape, witnessing a murder and certainly not to forget, being in combat can cause PTSD. But this… cyberbullying? I think… she just told this psychiatrist who’s name we do not know for some vage reason, some symptoms she read on the internet. That while she mixed it with her tumblr “harassment” stories. Something like: “I can’t take it anymore. It’s like I can constantly hear the words ‘you’re a bitch’ in my head.” People are capable of this. People like her. She sure needs a psychiatrist, but not for PTSD. More for having the “syndrome of Munchausen.” It’s a syndrome for people that make themselves believe they are sick. She makes herself believe she has PTSD. She made this psychiatrist believe it, if that person is even real. It’s so, so, SO unfair, for people suffering from actual traumas. It’s unfair for the girl, feminist or not, that actually got raped (you probably are also familiar with these “every man raped me”-feminist), it’s unfair to the kid getting abused by his parents and it is so unfair to all the soldiers that served in any war ever!

    I don’t get people like this. It’s like they get energy from the sympathie of other people and even from the critique of her “enemy”. She is her own enemy.


  4. Ok I know PTSD can be caused by a lot of things Child abuse rape but to say twitter is a cause to me sounds like BS but that’s not really what I take issue with, It’s her saying that she respects soldiers with PTSD then states she will go to their commanders if they keep telling her she hasn’t and that their statistics are not the highest that maybe the case but I can assure you It can be the worse.
    little experiment here which is worse?
    A) being called mean things on the internet
    B) watching friends women children getting killed before your eyes or this specific example watching your best friend having his legs blown off and being helpless to do anything as he screams on the floor in agony

    If your a public figure on the Internet abuse is what you get just anyone else in the public eye not everyone is going to like you and the more your views seem stupid to them the more trolls you attract to her I say grow up and accept it just because you cry you have frankly a potentially life destroying mental condition won’t make it go away

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  5. Post traumatic stress disorder is in no way limited to war veterans. It’s absolutely possible for someone to be so heavily traumatised by comments alone. I say this after having gone through sexual abuse, parental neglect, further emotional, psychological abuse and sexual abuse followed by distrust founded in family, trusted friends and even complete strangers taking advantage of me from the age of 4. Having PTSD means you can expect any and every emotional, psychological, physical etc trigger to further traumatise you in mundane day to day situations where any amount of stress is applied. Whether she developed PTSD prior to or because of twitter is irrelevant. If it has been diagnosed the public owes her. If you have the sense to recognise a war veteran with PTSD then it’s even more barbaric to attack someone who has developed it just because it wasn’t done at war. Instead of contributing to the problem by harassing someone further how about supporting them and helping them learn to live with how society has let them down.


  6. PTSD only causes the things she claims for very rare – ridiculously extremely rare – cases of PTSD. It doesn’t in any way, shape, or form cause you to be bed ridden – of any severity. House ridden maybe [big maybe], bed ridden, never.


    • Not really true. Sometimes the depression part of the PTSD is so bad I can’t get out of bed, eat, or shower for days. Though I doubt very much this lady has PTSD.


  7. All that good work that genuine Old School Feminism did has been diluted by these people. They rail on about misogyny yet hardy a word about the Women of the middle east who are seriously threatened with being burned alive, stoned, having noses cut off & acid thrown in their faces, the life of an “Online Activist” seems a little odd to me but then again, i’ve not “Checked My Privilege” today.


  8. She’s a worse person than a, say, genocidal dictator or a serial rapist?

    You have some really special moral standards.


  9. What a ridiculous person to even compare herself to combat veterans. She is a narcissist and a grandstander. This person should not be argued with because you cannot argue with stupidity. Well written article.
    It said that this is just another example of how society is becoming soft and “equal in every respect” rather than “fair and “just”.


  10. Thank you for saying this: “You used to fight for suffrage, equal access to educational and career opportunities, and equal funding for sports.” That’s the sort of feminism my mother, my aunts, and my grandmother practiced.

    These days I’m embarrassed to call myself a feminist and *loathe* that people like Hensley (among many others) are the public and online face of today’s feminism. The image they are putting out there is that women are hothouse flowers and men must tiptoe around them and *never* disagree (because that’s harassment and bullying, dontchyaknow).

    I’ve talked to way too many men who say they’re reluctant to talk to women as they’re afraid they’ll say something completely harmless but it will be construed as “sexual harassment” or “misogynistic”. Just take a peek at “Elevatorgate” and “Donglegate” to see how far down the moronic rabbit hole this sort of thing goes.

    And as far as Hensley’s “PTSD”, I’m reminded of something my father repeated to me often: “Man goes to a doctor and says to the doctor ‘it hurts when I do this’. The doctor says ‘don’t do that’.” Simple.


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