UMass Women’s Lacrosse Commenters Think Josh Brown Is “Creepy” Because He’s Loud and Not White

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So the UMass Women’s Lacrosse scandal is all the buzz on the world wide internets right now. And it’s obviously gotten the attention of some members of the team itself. Instead of clearing the air and explaining how they actually appreciate Josh Brown for being their team’s number one fan, they decided to make it much, much worse. The following are some of the comments from that blog. This one is from “UMass Senior”:

What a shitty fucking article, even if he does support our sports he is extremely creepy towards the females of the school in general and you should have better things to write about, I have seen him at every game I go to..and also a lot of the bars, but no one wants him at either. Write about real fucking news.

Oh I see. So if a rich white female carpetbagger arbitrarily decides that you are “creepy” then his civil rights should be able to be violated. He can’t go to lacrosse games and cheer the team on because other people have labeled him as some sort of sexual predator in their diluted minds? Because that’s the kind of country I wanna fucking live in. And he can’t go to bars now either because you can’t get over your irrational fears that he’s “creepy?” Gotcha. What does that even mean anyway? So by being loud and African-American you are now “creepy?” Because what else exactly is he guilty of?

And by the looks of pictures like these, you can tell that the girls are HORRIFIED about this “creepy” individual:

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This one’s from “Stephanie”:

This article is super shitty. It doesn’t matter who you think is in the wrong, it’s her say if she doesn’t want to be mentioned on social media and if doesn’t want to be bothered by this guy, not yours. And to mention completely irrelevant things–that she’s from New York, that she is on an athletic scholarship, that she took a picture with Josh, that she plays lacrosse so she should be grateful anyone goes to games. You’re just extremely bias but you don’t have to make a fool of yourself by writing something this bad. Also if the umass admin got involved, they chose to get involved it’s not anyone’s particular doing. Lastly, just because someone supports umass at sporting events doesn’t mean ANYTHING. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to show support- but it doesn’t mean they can’t be a bad person or a creep etc. so point is write something better and less insulting.

Oh yes, another person who refers to him as a “creep.” Look, we all know what that means. It means you’re a racist piece of shit. These are the same people who vote for liberals and claim to be tolerant. But the second they get within 20 feet of a large black guy they shit their pants. Of course you can’t really use the “n” word, so they just say “creepy” instead. Means the exact same thing though. But at least with “creepy” they sound like one of the characters from Laguna Beach, so it’s totally not, like, racist.


It’s her say if she wants to be mentioned on social media? Oh really? LOL, yea that’s probably the dumbest thing I’ve heard in my 108 years riding this magical turtle. Because I was under the impression that the whole fucking point of social media was to connect with a wider audience. The purpose of Twitter is for celebrities to connect with their fans. You know how many times I’ve tweeted at famous athletes and celebrities without them tweeting back to me? Like, a million times. Doesn’t mean I’m creepy. It just means that they chose to ignore me because they probably get thousands of mentions a day. Katie Ferris could’ve easily done the same, but instead she reported him to administration.

As for everything you quoted from the article Stephanie, I stand by them 120%. The fact that she’s on a taxpayer funded scholarship and Josh is a tax paying resident of Massachusetts matters. The fact that she’s an overprivileged girl who grew up playing lacrosse in an all white neighborhood matters. The fact that she has willingly posed for photos with him matters. And yes, she should be grateful that a single person goes to her games, because after all, she plays women’s lacrosse.


So yea, the offer still is extended to ANYONE from the UMass women’s lacrosse community that would like to prove to all of us that you’re not all this dumb. Surely SOMEONE out there has to appreciate the support that Josh Brown brings to the table. If so we’d love to hear from you. If not, just keep giving me more material in the comments.


He’s not just a UMass sports fan. At this point he’s a part of the package when you go to UMass. Don’t like it? Go to BC. You’d fit right in there. Because this guy is not only at every single game, he’s at the bars, and of course he’s at the Blarney Blowout too.


Just for the record though Josh Brown not only supports all things UMass athletics, he also spreads positive social message.


If that’s not creepy then I don’t know what is….

Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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16 thoughts on “UMass Women’s Lacrosse Commenters Think Josh Brown Is “Creepy” Because He’s Loud and Not White

  1. I do not understand why you keep saying people are jerks for thinking he is creepy? Have you not ever thought that someone was creepy while someone else did not? I am sure people did not call you a selfish asshole because of your own opinion. Especially while being a female. Female’s always have irrational fears. It is in our nature to fear being sexually assaulted and raped. I have fears about it, every female and some males do too. I have been violated just as MANY other women have. How many times have you or other men that are huge like Josh Brown? Men that are “creepy” rape and sexually assault women. Back off. Maybe they have other reasons for their opinion than you do considering you’re a blogger and not a female athlete at the University of Massachusetts. Instead of rebutting these females arguments you get enraged and say irrelevant things and call her a carpetbagger? Seriously? Sir, you really need to grow up and be mature when it comes to disagreeing with people and saying your point of view. A lot of people would have respected your article more if you wrote it like a real writer would. You’re truthfully too personally involved in the matter and too biased to be writing an article about it.


    • I understand where you’re coming from, but UMass Amherst need to stop looking at him like he’s O.J. Simpson or Aaron Hernandez. I’ve known Josh Brown way before everyone at UMass Amherst and he’s not a creep. People in general need to stop misusing the word ‘creep’ and ‘creepy’ I don’t know why it was so hard for that lacrosse girl to tell Josh tone it down with the messages on social media if the messages were positive. Katie Ferris was wrong as well on her part, but the UMass athletic department won’t admit it.


        • Josh never rape anybody. This whole thing is all bullshit. The athletic marketing department needs to hire people who are mature and not people that are scum bags.


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