Can Attorney Michael Erlich Save Brothel Owner And Million Dollar Powerball Winner Jennifer Brown From Jail?

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We’re starting a new weekly blog here at Turtleboy Sports where we find some poor schmuck in legal trouble and ask the age old question – could Worcester Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Erlich save this idiot? Here’s this week’s defendant – a Pittsburgh Powerball $1,000,000 winner Jennifer Brown from West View Pennsylvania, who is now being charged with running a prostitution ring out of her house. 


Neighbors said young women frequented the manicured, two-story West View home where court documents allege new millionaires Matthew and Jennifer Brown helped run a prostitution ring between November 2012 and June 2013.

Investigators charged Jennifer Brown, 38, with promoting prostitution and criminal conspiracy, both felonies, when Moon police said she used her home, shared with Matthew Brown and their three children, to schedule clients for a prostitution service called 69 Entertainment.

Her husband is not charged.

“Jen Brown is a typical mother — a good person, a member of the PTA, well-liked by the community and her peers,” Shrager said. “These charges have been very upsetting and traumatic for her family.”

She has no criminal history, Shrager said.

State court records show Jennifer Brown pleaded guilty to a summary charge of writing a bad check in 2011.

Pennsylvania Lottery officials snapped photos of the smiling pair this week, days before Matthew Brown, 38, was suspended from part-time police work in Rankin.

He won $1 million in a May 24 Powerball lottery drawing.

“It’s absolutely nothing short of a blessing from God,” he said this week.

Police Chief Ryan Wooten first learned of the investigation after the jackpot win, he said.

He hired the officer based on his background with the Allegheny County police, where Matthew Brown worked for 11 years, topping out with a salary of about $78,000, according to county spokeswoman Amie Downs. He left the department May 14, 2013, Downs said, two weeks after court records say Jennifer Brown defended her husband’s merits as an officer to a member of the prostitution ring via text message.

Her arrest arose out of an investigation by the Pittsburgh police vice unit, Moon police and the FBI Human Trafficking Joint Task Force, according to court documents.

Moon Detective Charles Carr penned a lengthy criminal complaint in January detailing a sting encompassing numerous cellphones, computers, sex workers and dancers allegedly managed by Jennifer Brown and frequently transported by Matthew Brown.

Patio furniture and “No Trespassing” signs barricaded the door to their West View home Friday as officers lingered outside.

“These two have had a lot of high-highs and low-lows,” said one West View officer who refused to give his name. “They aren’t taking all this attention well.”

Two neighbors who asked not to be named said the young couple held parties and entertained often. They said they assumed the women coming in and out were baby sitters or friends.

In the criminal complaint, Carr said known prostitutes named Jennifer Brown as a company manager for 69 Entertainment and Matthew Brown as its driver and security guard.

Suspects told police: “It was common knowledge that Matt Brown was a police officer.”

Text messages and cellphone contact information recorded in court records identify him as “Matt(cop)69 Driver” and “Matt2 69 Driver(cop).” Carr lists Jennifer Brown under similar monikers, documents show.

Almost one month after he left his post with county police, Matthew Brown contacted the ringleader to suggest everyone purchase throwaway phones instead, according to Carr’s report.

Defense attorney Blaine Jones served as a public defender in Moon for more than a year. He knows Carr’s writing well, he said.

“I’ve had cases where a guy was charged for driving his girlfriend, who was a prostitute, to other johns,” Jones said, “But Charles Carr is thorough. If (Matt Brown) wasn’t charged, they must’ve known they didn’t have enough to convict.”


First of all, who the hell came up with this name? Because if I was running an underground prostitution ring and was attempting to mask it as a legitimate business, I certainly would not name it “69 Entertainment.” Just seems like a bad idea to advertise with a number that is is most commonly associated with, well, you know.

Secondly, that girl pictured with the check above can’t possibly be the same person as this savage appearing in the mughshot:


Now THAT is how I pictured Jennifer Brown looking. Middle aged, beat up by life, and strung out after a long bender.

Either way I think Michael Erlich can easily keep this lady out of jail. First of all, they’ve got money. General rule of thumb is people with money don’t go to jail. Secondly she’s got kids, so she can easily just play the babysitter card. How is she supposed to know if the girls she hired as babysitters were actually prostitutes in disguise?

Then I would say, “define manage.” So they had some parties where some old friends came over? Is that against the law now? Sure most of them don’t speak English and they had to give all of them a ride home. But that doesn’t mean they’re running a prostitution ring.

And where are all these allegations coming from? Prostitutes? You’re gonna take the word of a prostitute over Jennifer Brown? The wife of a dirty decorated police officer and winner of the million dollar powerball doesn’t get the benefit of the doubt over a common night walker? I thought we were living in America.

My guess is that for a solid lawyer like Michael Erlich this case is child’s play. Easiest not guilty you’ll ever see.

Guilty or not guilty? Feel free to share your thoughts to keep the conversation going.

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Turtleboy has gone mainstream. Check out our blogs for WEEI.COM’s Dennis & Callahan’s Producer’s Blog.





4 thoughts on “Can Attorney Michael Erlich Save Brothel Owner And Million Dollar Powerball Winner Jennifer Brown From Jail?

    • I knew I recognized the girl in the Studio 69 ad!! Did it say if we could get Margee along with Suzy Park for dancing girls?


  1. I think that Michael Erlich would have had a much easier time with a jury had they not won the Powerball. No money = a woman who is struggling to put food on the table for her family and doing it by any means necessary. A jury with a couple of mothers on it will easily badger the rest of them into a not guilty verdict. Now, however, we have a millionaire running a sex club in a neighborhood where families live. Worst of all, I can’t imagine that house being zoned for entertainment. And if there is one group you don’t mess around with, it’s the zoning board. If there are any people sympathetic to zoning on that jury, these people are screwed.


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