One Year Later: Lunenburg Football Rebounds After Parents Tried To Frame Them By Spray Painting Racist Grafiti On Their Own Home

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Just a reminder that it’s been a year since two Lunenburg parents, Anthony J. Phillips and  Andrea J. Brazier tried to turn Lunenburg into Selma, Alabama. Remember them? They were the two geniuses who freaked everyone out when they reported racist graffiti, saying “Knights don’t need n——“ on the side of their home, which allegedly was directed at their son by the rabidly “racist” kids who played football alongside their son, Isaac. The mother is white, the father is biracial.


If you recall the athletic director at Lunenburg was forced to go to Worcester South High school and apologize for the actions of his team in a previous game with the Colonels. Oh yea, and the rest of the football season was cancelled. They had to forfeit both of their final two games, including their Thanksgiving matchup with rival St. Bernard’s. The seniors not only didn’t get to finish their careers, but they were also labeled by the community as a whole as a bunch of racist scum buckets. They’ll never get that back, and the parents who made them into these villains got everything they wanted and still live in town.

Well, of course it turned out the whole thing was just made up. There is a 99.9% chance that this woman spray painted the graffiti on her own home:

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 8.26.34 PM

Which is shocking, because she seems lovely. This is what ended up happening:

After a 90 minute search, police took the following from the home: five live rounds of ammunition, one can of Krylon Indoor/Outdoor spray paint and one can of Krylon Fusion spray paint.

Police requested the search warrant on the grounds that Brazier refused to cooperate with the police investigation and made false statements misleading investigators throughout the investigation.

On Monday, Nov. 18, FBI agents observed two burnt aerosol cans in a fire pit outside the home, according to the affidavit.

The boy’ father, Anthony Phillips, first told authorities the cans were Rust-Oleum spray paint used during a living room renovation project. Then he changed his story twice, first explaining he did a construction job on a blue house but that the spray paint in question was white and later saying the cans contained Flex Seal used to fix house gutters.

When Brazier arrived at the police station on November 25 she started the conversation by telling police “she was done with the whole incident.” She said she had painted over the graffiti and she no longer wanted to participate in the police investigation, saying she could not sleep at night and the events were “ripping her family apart.”

When police told Brazier that they had no leads and would have to re-start the investigation, Brazier said her son was thriving in his new school and repeated that she wanted the investigation to end.

During this conversation an FBI agent told Brazier that the reason she wanted the investigation to stop was because she was the one who spray painted the graffiti on the house. Brazier replied, “OK.”

When Brazier was asked if her husband or son spray painted the graffiti she said, “No.” Brazier was emotionally upset and crying and told authorities they “did not understand,” according to the affidavit.

Note to self – when attempting to frame a group of innocent kids by spray painting racial slurs directed at your son on your own home in an attempt to make these kids seem like the Donald Sterling fan club, make sure you dispose of the evidence BEFORE the FBI gets there. You know, because the FBI is like, really, really serious about their job. If they come to your home to investigate racial slurs spray painted on the side of your home, they’re probably gonna wanna know about those spray paint canisters in your front yard.

And if you do decide to try to fool the FBI into believing you are the victim of a hate crime that you actually committed against your own son, then at least make sure you get your story straight first. I mean, they’re not just gonna go away. They’re gonna ask you questions, and you don’t just get to tell them that you’re moving on with your life because your kid gets to play football for Leominster now.

Newsflash – this is the FBI. The same organization that got John Gotti, Timothy McVeigh and Enron. If they can get all of those guys, then they’re probably gonna get you too. Although I have to admit, I was mildly impressed that you could get an entire town to show up for a candlelight vigil to protest the racism your son just experienced…..from you.


I’m only bringing this story up now because I think it’s absolute bullshit that these people got to win. The last time we heard from Big Daddy was when he said this last January:

“It’s unfortunate the community we live in hasn’t shown its support and has shown their true colors.” 

See, that’s where I draw the line. It’s one thing if you wanna fake a racial incident and waste taxpayer’s money investigating a crime that you actually committed so that your son can go to Leominster (one of the top D1 program’s in the state year in and year out), instead of Lunenburg (a decent program, but a much smaller school). But quit while your’e ahead man. You got away with it. Congrats. Now walk away and never be heard from again. But continuing to shit on the town of Lunenburg after you already completely screwed over their kids? Come on bros. Epic scum bucket move.


I remember when this story first came out I was thinking, “Damn Lunenburg, you racist!!” Lot’s of people were. I mean, what kind of person does this to their own home? Poor kid might’ve had a personal beef with a couple kids on the team, but nobody deserves that kind of treatment. In hindsight I missed some really big clues:

  • The graffiti appeared on the foundation of the house. If you’re gonna spray paint racial slurs all over the home of some kid you hate, why would you be so careful not to damage the siding of the house?
  • Trying to get rid of all the African-American players in your town sounds like a really ineffective way to build a winning football team. According to Dad he’s a great player. Why would the kids at Lunenburg want to get rid of this star player? Do they like losing? Doesn’t make any sense.
  • When the FBI rolled into town and they hadn’t solved the case in 24 hours it was a dead giveaway that the parents did it. They questioned the whole football team. No way an entire team full of high school kids can keep a secret like that from the feds. If the FBI can get Whitey Bulger to rat, they can get a bunch of high school kids to crack. The fact that none of them did should’ve been a red flag.
  • The parents were so insistent on him transferring to Leominster. But why Leominster? I’m sure Leominster is a fine school but so is the Bromfield School, the public school of the nearby town of Harvard, and one of the top academic schools in the state. They don’t have a football team though – Leominster does. If they were so concerned about their son getting the best education possible, wouldn’t they try to get him into the school where he’ll be surrounded by future Ivy Leaguers?

Anyway, the bottom line is that these people got away with it, and that sucks. It’s nice to see that Lunenburg football had themselves a nice little season and they’ve rebounded from this nicely. Someone spray painted those racial slurs on the side of their home. They blamed the kids on the football team, who it turned out had nothing to do with it. So why did the FBI stop there? Most likely because they had actual crimes to solve, but nonetheless they could’ve gotten these morons. Momma was two seconds away from confessing the whole thing. I for one feel like we should all get $5 or something because our tax dollars financed this witch hunt for the imaginary Lunenburg boogie man.

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13 thoughts on “One Year Later: Lunenburg Football Rebounds After Parents Tried To Frame Them By Spray Painting Racist Grafiti On Their Own Home

  1. The reason why his Momma wanted him to go to Leominster,is for 2 reasons….1, they have a great football team. 2, maybe he was feeling singled out in Lunenburg, because of his race, so they had to pull a stunt and get him into Leominster, to fit him in with classmates who he can relate to. I mean, if I had the choice between Lunenburg or Leominster ( my high school), I would choose Lunenburg. Hell, I’d choose Bromfield! But, my child isn’t a minority, and I didn’t make an issue of it, like this woman did.


    • Isaac is fucking white! !!!! Hes so fucking white. Not black at all. He is a wanna be bully that met some tougher kids and couldn’t take it. PUSSY cough cough


  2. I used to attend Lunenburg schools. The system is broken, most of the students are two-faced, and yes, there is racism to be found. But the kids aren’t so stupid that they would make it obvious. And there are plenty of bigots and just plain assholes. But my opinion of this whole thing? You (the author of the article) sound like a journalist who has been down in the dumps and is grasping at straws to finally get the attention they have been seeking. Everything you have stated has been stated many, many, many, many, many times. By many, many, many, many people. If you want attention, try writing about something that isn’t long over and done with.


  3. She spelled the “N” word wrong, there was a dog outside all night who didn’t make a sound, even after the incident in Worcester the team was going to play the second to last game until the spray painting happened so the games were called because the superintendent felt she had to do something anything because they were calling the town raciest. I feel bad for the football team being railroaded.


  4. Here’s the thing that all the diehard football heads in Lunenburg don’t seem to understand. If the superintendent let the team play without canceling any games, how terrible would that have looked if the investigation had found it was a member(s) of the team that did it? Of course as they say, hindsight is 20/20. I didn’t really take a side during the matter but I was suspicious because I know of Lunenburg football players spray painting shit on their rivals’ facilities. Regardless, it’s a year later. Who gives a shit anymore, there’s more to life than high school football as those seniors last year are sure to be finding out right about now at their first year in college.


    • Respectfully, youre a fucking idiot. Obviously theres more to life than high school football! But thats the whole reason this fat whore did this to her house! So he kid could play better hs football and get a scholarship! Losing those last 2 games took away the ability some players had to get a scholarship for a higher education. And thats a damn shame. Why should we just get over it? Say lunenburg really did spray paint her house, why . Couldn’t she just get over it???; why let pieces of shit get away with stuff like this? She’s justlooking for a pay checkk and i believe isaac was a part of this whole thing. The way he interacted with the players after, a little fishy. He should have taken acting before he came out with this story


  5. What I want to know is why everyone made a huge fucking deal out of finding out who was behind this and threatened criminal charges, but since it was his own mother as far as I know nothing happened to her? She should be charged with something. She started a huge fuckin thing and for everyone to call Lunenburg racist


  6. Those two should be in stocks in front of town hall. Let the kids on the football team peg rotten fruit at them for a few weeks, then call it even.


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