Redskins Sacking Johnny Manziel And Giving Cash Money Sign Is Something I Can Get Used To Seeing

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Johnny Rookie Bitch just got a dose of what his short NFL career is gonna be like:

Pretty much every time this idiot gets sacked this is gonna happen. As a matter of fact I can’t imagine a situation where he gets sacked and someone doesn’t do the cash money symbol Welcome to the NFL beyoch. Oh LeBron James is your boy? Oh you have a harem of women who follow you around? Cool story bro. Now eat this field turf.

This kid is gonna end up being Tim Tebow with more sex and debauchery. Actually scratch that, Tebow won a playoff game. Johnny Rookie Bitch plays for the Browns. LOL. Drafting this overrated chump in the first round is the only thing more predictable than the Lions drafting a wide receiver with their next top five pick.


Here’s the bottom line – Johnny Rookie Bitch ran around like a chicken with his head cut off in college. It paid off, because it was college. He ran for over 2,000 yards in two seasons, but he was also sacked 41 times. And that was with the best offensive line in college protecting him. Gigantic ogres like this guy from Washington are gonna get to him early and often. And unlike at Texas A&M there isn’t gonna be anywhere to run this time.

I can’t wait to watch this guy fail. It’s gonna be awesome.

P.S. This guy got drafted in the first round and Jimmy Garoppolo got drafted in the second? Is there any doubt which of the two will have a better NFL career? That’s why the Patriots are the Patriots and the Browns are the Browns.


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